Hearing Loss Healing Formula Found In Southern India By Incense Bathed Guru

“That will be 4.99” “What?”

“I said that will be 4.99” “Excuse me?”

Sir “I said that will be 4.99” (louder) “Did you say we’re running out of time?”

Sir “a lot of people are waiting…” “Did you say you say your name is Steven?…”

“Can I please have the next person in line?”

Three strikes and you’re out.

And there you stand.

Beside the line as other hearing people order.

Head lowered.

Shoulders slouched.

Unable to buy coffee.

This coffee was for my son.

It is the most basic thing a person should be able to do…you feel ashamed.

You held up the whole line and you still didn’t get what you wanted.

You feel worthless. A burden on society…

If I can’t buy this, can I buy anything again, you think to yourself?

A tear streaks down your cheek.

This was my new life. I went from enjoying life, to barely making through it.

Please note…

If you suffer from hearing loss every word of this presentation is provided in text form so you won’t miss a thing.

There is something else you must know…

That this is also the most important presentation you may ever see in your life...

Because this video is the escape hatch. It’s the locked door opening.

It’s the way out…it’s the window through the matrix it’s your dreams turned into reality.

It’s the video where you get your hearing back…

Even though you think it’s impossible.

With God, nothing is impossible.

I believe in God. And I believe that for every disease he gave a cure in advance…

And it’s about time we reveal the golden goose

The way to heal hearing loss

I must warn you. This video can come down at any second.

This is what the Big Pharma companies do.

They look for anyone who is going to eat into their profits.

And we eat into their profits.

They can take us down in 2 weeks if they want to.

They don’t need a reason. They are the government.

They don’t ask questions.

It doesn’t matter how effective a solution we provide. And how honest our marketing is.

The website will have to come down and you’ll never hear from us again.

Every day we’re here helping people by the graces of the gods.

So whatever you do, do not close this browser.

Because getting back to it just might not be possible.

And that means your chance at hearing like a normal person is erased.

We are like an ant compared to big pharma

Hanaston made 20 billion dollars last year on hearing aids.

Insurance companies made another 15 billion off of cochlear implants.

We barely turn a profit…

So, they certainly don’t want you to look for herbs and plants for your answer.

They certainly don’t want you to look to plants, herbs and roots.

They want the only answer to be themselves.

And they fight for that crown…

So don’t take your hearing for granted and don’t take this site for granted….

Because hearing affects
your whole life, doesn’t it?

When you’re dealing with hearing loss...every day brings with it the potential for frustration, great embarrassment and awkwardness...

When you can’t hear your granddaughter crying because she needs to be changed…here mother gives you that look like “are you really that useless?”

It hurts in the pit of your stomach when you realize the waves are crashing against the shore, but you didn’t know it because you couldn’t hear them…

You think to yourself…if I can’t even order coffee for myself…

I’m not an independent person anymore...

Cochlear implants seem like a drastic step. And if you can believe it, it actually can cause further hearing loss and even tinnitus.

Hearing aids are extremely uncomfortable and they make your own voice sound 3 times as loud. It’s practically unbearable so you go without it…

Sign language is learning at new language at 66…it’s just not gonna happen…

How do I know all this?

Because I am a former hearing loss suffered of 8 years...

So I understand how losing your hearing makes you feel detached from the world.

It’s like you’re in your own little bubble as reality wizzes by in front of you.

It’s just you in your thoughts. Alone. Lonely. You crave that connection you used to have with your family….you crave even to hear the argument they’re having…

You look around at others without hearing aids and come to the conclusion that I’m detached from society.

You’re in a cage. You never realized how important hearing is to the human experience.

And human experience is what you’ve lost...

You are cutoff from existence.

As I said I’m Eric Kitzenberg

And I have been researching medical science since 2002

If you don’t watch my presentation to the end, you’ll be missing out on something really special.

You will always be a dependant on big Pharma. And they don’t even believe you WILL hear again...

See, I’m fascinated with the human body.

I will fly from Harvard to Yale just to see a study that’s been on my mind for a while.

I have a home-based business and it only takes me a couple of hours to run.

The rest of the time is spent on my family and on research.

And when I started to lose my hearing I was all over the studies on hearing loss.

What you have to understand is that the medical establishment makes studies with natural solutions hard to find.

They’re last in the search results on Google Scholar. But I find them. None of them slip through my fingers.

And that was never more true than when it came to my hearing…

Hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions facing Aging Americans today.

Nearly half of all people 75 or older have hearing loss

I don’t know how to happened to you...

But I know how it happened to me.

It started with a bad car accident...

I was doing a simple lane change.

But I neglected to check my blind spot.

I turned in further and further.

Until I bashed into the that Hyundai Santa Fe that was “perfectly” placed in my blind spot…

We both pull over.

And the victim of my deafness came over to me and said:

I understand you not seeing the blind spot.

What I don’t understand is how you didn’t hear my honking.

“What’s that?” I said. “My honking!” she said more angrily. I said “Oh you’re stopping...right...”

“I must have honked at least five times.”

The pit in my stomach knew exactly why I couldn’t hear it,

It grew and grew…

I knew my hearing wasn’t what it used to be.

But to not hear someone honking?

That was bad. That meant I was a danger on the road.

That mean I couldn’t drive anymore.

And just like that, my independence went up in smoke.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lost the ability to drive.

But it can cause you a lot of depression.

I fell deep into one of my own...

I would forever be in the back seat of the car instead of the driver’s seat.

That thought just crushed me.

I loved to drive. I loved to drive other people…

The fact that it would that way until I was on my deathbed really

Tore me up inside.

Because this was only going to get worse, not better.

My wife rest in peace would have been so helpful in this situation.

Unfortunately, she had died of a heart attack 6 years ago.

I was all alone.

And my children, realizing how useless I had become chose not to take care of me every day.

They chose to put me in a home.

If I wasn’t crushed already, now I was without a doubt…

I had heard of natural solutions to hearing loss.

So, I said to my kids, just give me three months. If I can’t figure it out in three months you can put me in a home.

They said okay.

Even with earplugs… I went to my doctor who I knew, knew less than I did.

He asked me a few basic questions and said “well you’ve got two options. The hearing aid, or a cochlear implant surgery”

Neither sounded very appealing…

So, I tested him.

I said “aren’t there any natural remedies to hearing loss?”

He said “Of course not. This is a mechanical problem.”

But I knew it wasn’t.

I knew it was a cellular problem. And I know cells can regenerate very quickly….

I decided I would make his day.

I said:

Isn’t it true that in the cochlea, there are nerve cells with thousands of miniature hairs attached to them.

These hairs help convert the sound wave vibrations into electrical signals that then travel to your brain…with the right nutrients these cells can be generated faster and stronger.

He said “I suppose that’s true. You know your science. But nobody knows what nutrients would do that.”

Now this was a bald face lie. Many studies were done in many universities on many natural ingredients. Maybe we didn’t have the full remedy, but we certainly had some ideas.

I quickly realized there was no more purpose in speaking to this man. When it came to natural remedies. I was going to be on my own…

I delved even deeper into my research.

I researched all the major universities papers on the topic.

This time reading them whether they were published or not published.

The unpublished papers proved to be even more interesting…

And I came to realize something.

All the experts in charge of the studies…believed that hearing loss could not be reversed.

But the results the students were getting were saying exactly the opposite…

The reason this was such a hot topic for the universities is because it was literally a matter of the defense of this country.

Fighter jet pilots were losing their hearing at alarming rates.

The overall prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss in the military pilots was 18.4%, with a higher prevalence among fixed- wing pilots (42%) as compared with rotary-wing pilots (23%).

These fighter pilots were going deaf at rates unlike anything the public has ever seen…

The engine was a loud as and Ozzy Osborne concert X5and they interfaced with it every single day.

Their hearing was completely destroyed on a daily basis. Day in and day out…

Reserving their hearing loss was not just important, it was necessary for the defense of our country….

We couldn’t survive without fighter jets.

And these pilots couldn’t survive the fighter jets.

Potential pilots were refusing to take the job because they knew they had a 4 in 10 chance of going deaf.

That brought on all the studies. They were government funded…

And in all the major studies….they used natural ingredients because that’s all there was.

There was no pill for deafness.

Most people are brainwashed.

They think that white pills in an orange bottle is where the powerful medicine is.

The truth is, those drugs are modeled after natural substances, like Tea Tree oil.

Without nature, they wouldn’t be able to develop a single drug…

That’s why all the studies I found were using natural substances…

But they hadn’t really hit the home run they were looking for….

But I did.

Because I thought outside the box.

I knew that Indian gurus have superior knowledge of medicinal roots and herbs and plants.

Ayurvedic medicine has always been better than Western

Medicine at leveraging the natural world.

So, I made a trip to India. Where a guru named Sri Chimnoy held court.

The flight was long and I got pretty woozy from having so many little bottles of vodka.

But I made it.

Now it was time to make the trek.

He didn’t make himself easy to find.

I took a train...

...then another train...

...then I walked for about 2 miles.

...then took a rig Shaw.

And eventually I got there.

Sri had his back to me…

He was bathed in incense smoke…

I waited patiently as he finished his rituals with his congregation…

I ran up to him before he could leave and said “guru” he said

“yes” I said “I have a problem affecting millions of Americans and I think you can solve it…”

He smiled. And he said in a thick Indian accent “and what problem is there?”

I said “hearing loss: it’s destroying lives. It’s destroying pilot’s lives. It’s destroying the elderly’s lives and it’s happening to younger and younger people”. “he said, do you have a piece of paper?”

I said “I have my phone”

He said “that will do”

He started rattling off ingredients like he was an auctioneer.

When he was done there was about 10.

What was funny is I had heard of many of these ingredients from

Yale University’s studies…but this guru told me what the right proportions were.

He also brought to light some herbs neither I, nor any American scientist has ever heard of…

I said can I get this all here in India?

He said you’ll have to travel far for many of these.

And so I did.

I traveled further than I’ve ever traveled.

Every place I traveled I asked for the herb.

The villager would look my cross eyed.

But they knew who the Aruvetic doctor was in that town.

And generally he would know exactly where the plant was.

I collected each plant like it was an easter egg hunt.

Each one went in my backpack.

These were rugged plants.

They would survive some bumbling in my backpack…

I arrived at my final destination. At the final plant Sri had told me to get…

And I said this is it. I’m going for broke.

If this works it will change everything. If this doesn’t work I’ve just wasted two weeks and two thousand dollars.

I started to put together the mix…

The mortar and pestle came out and I started griding.

I got some pure water (which wasn’t easy to find) and poured the powder in…

And down the hatch…

Nothing happened.

I was disappointed and thought I may have just wasted a lot of time…

But something happened at the 7 minute mark.

I felt some popping.

It felt like a trap door was opening in my right ear…

And then the door in my left ear.

And the boy who was there talked to me. He could see my face was beaming.

He said “sir?” and I couldn’t believe it.

I hear him clear as day…

“Is this helping?”

“I said son…you just made my entire life…”

He shrieked. And I heard that too. Clear as day…

Then I started to hear the wind rustling through the trees.

I hear people talking at a distance.

I couldn’t believe I could hear people 500 yards away, but I could.

This was like almost hypnotic …that’s how fasts it worked…

There was someone who needed to be thanked.

So I went on the Rigshaw and completely retraced my step.

I traveled back to the guru.

And he was sitting their meditating just as before.

And I said I’m sorry to disturb your meditation but…and I gave him a big wet kiss on his cheek.

He was shocked and surprised. I said thanks to you “I can hear again”. He said he was happy for me.

And then he said something I will never forget: he said “this is a victory not just for you, but for every man and woman in America with hearing loss. Go and help them. That is your new mission in life…”.

And that’s what brings me to you today.

I lived with hearing loss for 8 years.

And I never got used to it…

The scariest part was being put in a home.

That was the end for me.

I would no longer be a part of society.

I’d spend my life playing Scrabble.

At least you can play Scabble deaf…

My wife died of a heart attack.

I think I told you that.

Maybe she would have kept me out of the home.


But everyone else seemed to think I was better off out of their life…

Even when I learned to read lips. They still didn’t think I was ready for show time.

It was only in total defiance of the nursery staff that I was able to take that trip.

And now…life has completely changed.

I’m dating again. I’m playing tennis again. I’m walking again.

I’m playing with my grandkids again.

I’m out of the home and into my own bed.

Oh, it’s never been so sweet.

I feel like my old life is over and a new life has begun…

I’m reborn.

It’s my opinion that when you get this combination of plants and herbs you will feel reborn too.

Like a teenager again.

You’ll watch movies and understand everything.

You’ll have full conversations with a date or a son or a daughter with no awkward interruptions.

You won’t have to try to convince anyone to learn sign language.

You can just let them be.

You’ll notice how the air always has a certain sound.

You’ll notice the sound of the trees.

You’ll hear a siren and actually be joyful about it.

You’ll hear a dog barking and love it…

You’re going to feel love for yourself…and love for others…

You’re going to become a celebrity among the deaf.

EVERYONE will be asking for your secret. And you’ll gladly share it.

This is not just hype:

This is your life…a few days from now.

Just ask Jessica R.

“You have given me a gift that is more precious to me than gold.

You have given me my hearing back.

And that means my life is back.

I can look someone straight in the eye now instead of looking at their lips

I know that seems like such a small thing but it means the world to me.

Everything sounds so beautiful.

I have come to realize that hearing is the greatest gift the universe has ever given and now it’s back, baby.”

I know you may have seen offers that can help you with your hearing loss.

And I really apologize on behalf of my marketing community for that.

Their products don’t work.

The only thing they work for is lining the shiny pockets of the marketer.

I want to reassure that this is the real deal.

really did go through all those studies I really did travel to India.

And I really did have an almost miraculous reversal of my hearing loss.

I am not trying to make money, which is why the price is going to be so low.

I am trying to serve the hard of hearing community.

We all deserve this solution…

Not just me…

You all deserve to hear the waves crashing. The trees swaying.

Your granddaughter laughing.

And everything in between.

You deserve to be able to order anything anywhere that you want whether than be Starbucks or Target.

Never say “Excuse me” to your spouse again and see that look on their face which says “this guy shouldn’t be part of society”

Not only did my hearing come back…I just felt more alive.

More energy, more get up and go…more mojo.

I got my sex drive back.

I didn’t need an afternoon nap anymore.

And I lost weight…almost 10 pounds in weeks …

This stuff was like the holy grail of supplements…

I knew the American public would fall in love with it.

But first we needed at least 10,000 Americans to give it a try.

My Guinee pigs.

So, we started running ads in local newspapers which said “Are you struggling with hearing loss”?

Try a promising, exciting solution just call “BLANK” and I gave them my personal phone number.

As they fumbled in, I could see they were all a bit nervous.

I broke the ice with a little deaf humor.

I said “who are the only people who speak a language that would make you look crazy in any other situation”. “The deaf”, they said in unison…

Morbid humor I admit…

But it got them to relax…

We said right now we’re making a brew of the most powerful restorative ingredients for your hearing loss.

What you must understand is that hearing loss is reversible.

It is caused by a lack of filial cells.

And medicine can stir up the generation of those cells.

And that’s exactly what this brew is intended to do…

We went by each of them and poured them a glass.

Just as with my taking of it… nothing happened the first few minutes.

It was totally quiet in the room.

I had a big cymbal to gong for the moment when it happened.

A woman on the left said I feel like a popping in my ear.

Like something is opening up.

A man to the right of her says “I feel that too”

It feels really good.

Then they all are saying they feel it.

But they don’t hear anything because there was nothing to hear.

So, I took at the symbol. And gave it a big gong.

And that’s when people started to break down and cry.

They said I hear that. I actually heard that.

“This is a miracle!”

“I can hear again”

People said.

What was in that brew? Can I keep it.

And I said of course you can…

They said this was the greatest day of their lives.

They ran over and gave me big hugs.

I was being mauled with hugs by people who were clinically deaf just moments ago…

I said to them.

What do you plan to do with your new ability to hear?

One said “I’m a pilot. I’m going to retake my hearing test and get my job back”

One woman said: I’m just going to tell my husband to speak to me like a regular person and watch his face when I reply to exactly what he said.

Another person said: I’m going to the beach. I want to hear those waves crashing.

Another person said: I’m going to see my 3 year old nephew.

I’m going to poke them until they giggle.

Each one had their own particular dream. And their dreams were about to be fulfilled.

And I was living my dream too.

Because my dream was to get this brew out to every man woman and child that were suffering from the same hearing loss I was suffering from.

No more noisy hearing aids.

No more dangerous cochlear implants.

Just all natural ingredients that turn out to work better than anything the pharma companies could provide…

I knew we had to formulate this.

There’s no way we could go door to door with this brew.

No matter how inspiring it was it was just not practical.

But we needed to find a formulating company we could trust.

We searched high and low.

We tracked down and interviews many former clients of many companies.

And we found that tone company always provided supplements with the most incredible results.

It was called Better Medicine.

So, we gave them a call.

We told them the ingredients.

And they were happy to help us.

But… they had a long waiting list.

We expected this.

A company this good is bound to have a waiting list…

So, we said listen. This formula can help millions of people with hearing loss.

It’s unlike any formula you’ve ever seen before.

We’re ready to pay double if you can move us to the front of the line.

Jacob the CEO of the company thought long and hard about it.

And he said okay. You can do just one run.

One run would give us about a thousand bottles.

Which is why we only have 1,000 bottles available and 598 are already gone.

We did the math. By the time you watch this presentation, at our current rate, 755 will be gone.

So, this is not one of those situations where you can leave a website and come back and get the same thing.

This is a situation where you get one shot, and that’s it.

You can get one shot at getting your hearing back or you lose it forever.

As I explained we are really at the back of a very long waiting list…

So don’t hesitate.

And don’t delay because it could be months or even years before we get to do another run…

I’m not joking about this.

It’s not a scarcity play. It’s not a marketing tactic.

This website really will come down when the 1,000 bottles are sold because we will have nothing left to sell you…

Before you buy the product you really should listen to what people who already bought have to say about it…

Let’s hear what Libby M. has to say about the product.

Eric I can’t tell you what this product has done for me.

I can actually hear the keys being punches as I type this email.

I feel like I’m part of the world again.

It worked so fast…well I never thought anything could work so fast.

Literally within 10 minutes I could hear again.

I’m a believer in science, but there is no denying that this is a miracle.

I’m part of the dinner conversation again.

I’m no longer begging my family members to learn sign language.

I feel like a part of society.

And I have you to thank Eric.

This will ultimately put the cochlear and hearing aid billion dollar business...out of business…

If you’re wondering what exactly is in this miracle formula you will understand when you hear the ingredients.

Let’s introduce to the super hearing blend straight from India and other far of locales.

There are more ingredients in the blend than we can list here. But here are the major 9…


Found in caves in the Canary Island…

Decreases inflammation in the central nervous system which is what makes hearing happen.

Calms brain waves necessary for hearing as well so it’s really a one two punch...

And by the way...

Prevents ear wax from forming.

Naturally that’s going to have good effects…


Found in the mossy green dunes of Central Asia this grows in patches and it requires paying off locals just to get ahold of it…

But it’s worth it…

Because it actually…

Strengthens Your Ear Drums

It also cancels background noise

It also increases filial cell growth responsible for hearing

It’s like this plant was made for people with hearing loss.


Chamomile, raised in the U.S. took off as a tea until people realized it’s massive benefits to the hearing impaired…

Reduces inflammation which affects hearing

Also reduces inflation in ear and through the body .

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is extracted from over-ripe lemons and it’s been found to increases oxygen to ear drums If you eat a regular lemon you won’t get the same results.

The lemon balm is a horse of another color..

But it’s right here in your formula at the exactly right proportions…


No. This doesn’t come from Orthodox Jews.

It comes from Native Indians…and they have always used it for hearing...

It gives a serious boost to the filial cells required for hearing…

Much like so many of the other ingredients here do.

This actually has been tested over hundreds of subjects and found to majorly impact the hearing of the subjects…


Both animal and human studies suggest hawthorn increases coronary artery blood flow, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure.

Blood flow is vital for hearing…

Which makes this this herb a star feature of our NAME OF BLEND..

Passion Flower

Passion flower grows back East and people found it had a remarkable ability to restore hearing...

Provides badly needed rest to cells responsible for hearing…

And much much more…


We had to take a trip to Jamaica for this one.

They have known for many centuries about the wonderful effects it has for those suffering with hearing loss…

Acts as sedative in brain and nervous system making the systems required for hearing more robust and powerful.

All of these increase fillial cell growth, and that is their most important feature.

You’re probably worried about the price of this product.

And you should be worried.

Because it should cost a whole lot.

WE have to pay our marketing expenses which include writing this ad and getting people to see it.

We have to pay for the ingredients to be shipped from India.

We have to pay our formulator.

It’s almost impossible for us to make a profit selling this.

We are lucky if we break even.

But this isn’t about money.

This is about your hearing

And your hearing is your life.

We want to save lives.

So, we’re selling this at a loss.

We will only charge you not $400 not $200 not even $100.

But just $69

That’s the steal of the century.

Getting your hearing back for $69 is like…

...well there is nothing I can compare it to.

Because this is the greatest deal you will ever see in your life.

I’m not saying that.

Charles is saying that

Charles P.

“The price of this product is downright insane.

I would paid thousands for this….just as I would pay thousands for my hearing.

If you get a chance to get NAME at PRICE jump all over it.”

Thanks Charles…

And now I’m going to make it impossible for you to say no…

But simply telling you that this product will work or you won’t pay for it.

Our email support@audivax.com

If the product doesn’t do everything we say it does and more…

…you email the address and we give your PRICE back…

This means you’re not buying it, you’re trying it.

Giving back the money means we sustain even more of a loss.

But again.

This isn’t about money.

This is about hearing.

And hearing is about saving lives.

Heck, if I had this product a few days sooner I never would have been in that car accident.

It could have saved my life…

Don’t hesitate. Don’t delay

You’re not risking a thing

You’re getting a wonderful thing… which is your hearing back…

Only $59/bottle
Today only $297 $177
Save $120 NOW! Regain Your Hearing!
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I can’t imagine what is holding you back.

Is your hearing not important to you?

I know that’s not true.

Is it too expensive?

I know that doesn’t bother you because you can get all your money back.

In fact…I dare you…I want you to ask for a refund.

I want you to have it for free.

It’s no skin of my back.

But just trying it will mean a lot to you…

I want to see your life change.

I want to see what it’s like when your ears are working.

I want to see you playing with your kids, talking with your spouse.

Hearing the waves crashing on the beach.

I know just hearing your car revving up will become an incredible experience.

So go head.

Secure Your Package While Stock Lasts

Everything will be shipped to you the moment you fill out that form…

We both know this is the right thing to do.

If there’s even a chance, even a fraction of a chance that this could retore your hearing… it’s worth it.

Remember you can get all your money back…

This is one decision you will definitely NOT regret.

When your hearing comes back I want you to call me on the phone and have a hearing to hearing conversion.

No more sign language.

No more hearing aids.

No more cochlear implants.

No more fear.

No more frustration.

No more embarrassments.

No more “excuse me” no more “what’s that” no more “could you repeat that”

I know it sounds too good to be true.

I thought it was too good to be true myself.

But that day in India I became a believer.

And you will become a believer too as soon as you pop your first two supplements…

Secure Your Package While Stock Lasts

This is serious.

This is your life we’re talking about.

This could save you from a car accident.

This could mean having a relationship with your grandchildren or having them put you in a home.

This is the difference between living and existing.

You make the right choice when you hit the button below.

Why wait?

Do you think this decision doesn’t matter?

That’s like saying your hearing doesn’t matter.

And if you think your hearing doesn’t matter, why did you visit to this website?

Because I’m not interested in people who don’t really care about their hearing.

This product is not for them.

We have a limited supply and I only want people who understand that hearing is life.

You know if you take the volume out of the TV it’s unwatchable.

It’s just pure frustration.

But if you take out the visual from the TV it’s still totally enjoyable.

That’s what you’ve been missing out on.

Your whole life will soon go from frustration to elation…

Fill out that form.

You’re doing something that will make your life a whole lot better.

Secure Your Package While Stock Lasts

If not for yourself.

Do it for your family.

Because they don’t feel close to you like they should.

When you get your hearing back your family will feel like they’re getting you back…

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

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